It is a monitoring tours hosted by the Yatsugatake Tourist Sphere.

Everyone can apply and participate from this site for free.After these programs, we ask you to fill in “questionnaire after participation”. Please cooperate by all means.You have to also accept the use of the photographs that are taken by the guide during the tour for future notification purposes.

Regarding meeting places, clothes, and belongings on the day of the tour, we will contact you again from each guide after the application is completed. Please contact each guide office and host organization directly for details of each tour.

The reservation calendar is common to each program.Please check the schedule of your desired program and click on the opening date to apply.

If you can confirm the sending and receiving of the e-mail, you can proceed to enter necessary information, but please select the desired tour from “Tourist Sphere Monitoring Participation Desired Tour (required)” tab and complete the reservation.

Please be careful not to make mistakes the program and the day that you want to participate.